A self-proclaimed conjugation for the searching of meaning and concepts. Similar to Nicholas Talib coining of the phrase Antifragile. The aim of this conjugation is to invoke awareness to exploration of ideas
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Welcome, to my site a place of thoughts and little accolades.

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A culmination of thoughts by Nick Marsden.


Alexa Skill for checking the Draw Bridges in Seattle

Around the City of Seattle, there are 6 draw bridges that can cause some traffic delay. Before you leave or while on the road ask Alexa what the status of any of the following bridges:


Marketing Coordinator/Client Service Specialist

NVL Labs is an Industrial Hygiene Firm that provides lab services and surveys for testing of hazardous materials. My role was to facilitate the processing of samples, analysts’ workloads and flo...


Laboratory Assistant

Stratos Genomics is a startup pioneering a new method for DNA sequencing that utilizes fluorescently tagged nucleotides, PCR reactions, and nanopore analysis to sequence. I helped maintain labor...