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Django Roadmap from My Learning Experience

Over the summer of 2020 like many others, I was under lockdown and realized I need to have a creative outlet and bolster my skills before I graduate. After some job research, I noticed that along with analytic skills many firms also wanted web development experience, with many Python-focused roles mentioning Django. I first heard of Django only in passing as the web framework that Instagram founders used to make their first few versions of their app, from How I build this by Guy Raz.

However, my realization of its usage in the Data Analytics industry was all I needed to set my goals to learn Django by building this portfolio site. 

As someone that had been conceptually working on the economics and business plan of a social network, my awareness turned into action as I was sold and energized by the community and utilities Django had to offer. Although I had no experience deploying web servers, the extensive documentation on Django, and how to use the ecosystem of applications is so thorough that learning Django will lay the groundwork to becoming a full stack developer.

Completing the resource listed below and using their insights taught me how class methods work and how simple yet complex programming can be. Also, the practical experience of deploying web apps honed my understanding of data manipulation and the structuring necessary to build multi-users platforms.  I can proudly say that within 3 months I actualized my learning with this website using Django and Elastic Beanstalk that can handle multiple users with different roles.

Simply put, Django endowed me with the experiential understanding to enter a new level of programming flow with an improved set of skills in web development and understanding about data. No longer do I look at open-source packages as a source of wizardry but rather as processors that I can modify for my needs. 

I am grateful to all those Django developers that share their knowledge and highly recommend these resources below as a streamlined plan to getting up to speed with Django.


My Roadmap

(This is not all the resources you’ll need but this where I would start )

Django Official Tutorial- Best Start

>The polling app tutorial is an absolute MUST! 

>Django made a masterclass in understanding how to build a project while planting the seeds for the potential that the framework has to offer.

Understanding User Logic and how to customize

>After doing the official Django tutorial, you can’t go wrong with doing any of Will Vincent tutorials as his tips and code snippets will solidify your understanding. However, I believe you should this LearnDjango tutorial before attempting any other advice online for User models.

>Great Rationals on how and why to deploy certain User model Schemes.

Further Explanation into Class View:

Understanding Form View

Understanding Detail View


After General Tutorials:

Django Packages

>A wonderful list of packages worth exploring 

Django All-Auth

>Great overview of how to use all-auth and includes steps for integrating Github Login.

>After the overview, learn how to customize the forms and templates for your Django project use

>A must-have package that makes Django app that does login while easily incorporating how to add social media account login

>Geeks for Geeks also has plenty of other short explainers on Django worth exploring

Django Crispy Forms

>A quick and to the point integration tutorial of downloading and basic use of the package with bootstrap 4

>A worthy bookmark of the different ways to display forms along with well-written code snippets to practice on your projects

Deployment of Django Web Application:

>AWS with Elastic Beanstalk

>A great tutorial for a Django Web Stack

>MUST Note:

-Always make sure it has Django 2 support

-Only works for Django 2.1.1

-Watch out for Django packages that use Django 3 as your virtual environment will uninstall Django 2 

>Creating an S3 bucket for Static and Media files

>A slightly out of date tutorial, so the AWS screenshots will be different but the code and setting are still true and functioning

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