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About Me

Seattle, WA
An entrepreneurial and analytical individual that just completed an MBA and certificates in Marketing and Business Analytics at Seattle University, seeking a Business Analyst position. Where I can utilize my exceptional skills and competence in data gathering and manipulation, synthesis and modeling, and problem-solving to communicate insights and recommendations.


Bachelor of Science in Biology

San Diego State University
| Minor in Chemistry | GPA 3.0 | Member of Alpha Epsilon Pi |
Aug 05 2010 to Dec 15 2015

Masters in Business Administration

| Certificates in Marketing & Data Analytics | GPA 3.75 | Dean List Recipient |
Sep 08 2018 to Oct 13 2020


Alexa Skill: Seattle Draw Bridge

Around the City of Seattle, there are 6 draw bridges that can cause some traffic delay. Before you leave or while on the road ask Alexa what the status of any of the following bridges: Ballard Bridge, Fremont Bridge, South Park Bridge, Montlake Bridge, First Ave (99) Bridge, West Seattle Bridge,


Oct 13 2020 to Oct 13 2020

Data Analyst approach to Job Search

With the motivations of synergistic practice and my looming graduation in March of 2021, I decided rather than spending my days browsing through job listings to find suitable jobs to start my career in Business Analytics to only then tailor an application. I would use Python to automate my job search to free up time and energy to focus on actualizing my career. With the lack of an adequate data RSS/API for job listings to ensure I’m capturing all the best opportunities, this data pipeline was a great way to actively learn how to make a data lake and value-driven pipeline.


Oct 13 2020 to Oct 13 2020
Work Experience

Chemist I

Inova Diagnostics
| Aug 05 2015 to Aug 30 2016 Tenure


Inova supplies a variety of products to diagnose autoimmune diseases. I worked with multiple departments to manufacture and assess diagnostic components to ensure that products provided correct and interpretable results for immunofluorescent and ELISA assays.

diagnostic components to ensure that products provided correct and interpretable results for immunofluorescent and ELISA assays. MANUFACTURING • Manufactured and then assessed anti-human antibody conjugate solutions at ideal concentrations for the use in immunoassays. • Purified human plasmatic serum with known autoimmune deficiency by defibrinations to be used as positive controls for diagnostic testing. • Participated in Six Sigma value stream assessments with management to optimize manufacturing lead times and performance efficiency. QUALITY CONTROL • Evaluated tissue and epithelial cultures, immune positive controls, and antibody conjugates for reactivity and morphology characteristics. • Executed maintenance checks for laboratory equipment and sanitized laboratory to FDA regulations. • Guided other chemists in the learning process of business operations and production related to manufacturing and quality assurance

Assistant Manager

Algae Research Supply
| Oct 05 2015 to Jul 30 2016 Tenure


Algae Research Supplier is an E-commerce business supporting marine education of all academic levels ranging from providing students and teachers with meaningful experiments and demonstrations to supplying marine research in academia. I helped define and create the business structure, operations, products, and brand of fostering education.

• Broadened the business by assisting with the development of brand image, business operations, and products. • Improved the website and Amazon product sites by structuring site mapping and verbiage to optimize search term results. • Increased profits by optimizing operational output and setting up an internship program to facilitate business operations. Conducted experiments on our algae strain to better understand customer problems, stabilities and develop growing techniques.

Clinical Research Associate

Pacific Biomarker
| Oct 05 2016 to Apr 22 2017 Tenure


PBI is a reference lab serving pharmaceutical companies with immunoassay-based analyses. My role was to operate Autochem machinery, perform high throughput ELISA and radioactively tagged assays, and write validations for FDA approval of lab processes.

• Led and reported stability studies to create laboratory guidelines and FDA validations. • Managed automated chemistry machinery to measure sample immune protein concentrations. • Qualified and troubleshot equipment to ensure that machinery was operating properly and was calibrated to meet lab guidelines and FDA validations.

Laboratory Assistant

Stratos Genomics
| Sep 04 2016 to Oct 30 2016 Tenure


Stratos Genomics is a startup pioneering a new method for DNA sequencing that utilizes fluorescently tagged nucleotides, PCR reactions, and nanopore analysis to sequence. I helped maintain laboratory functionality and assisted any research associates with their experiments.

• Created aliquots for experiments and performed PAGE purification, desalting, and refinement techniques for oligo to be reagents. • Managed ordering, processing, and maintaining laboratory inventory for chemicals, reagents, equipment, and laboratory supplies.

Marketing Coordinator/Client Service Specialist

NVL Labs
| Oct 04 2017 to Jun 30 2018 Tenure


NVL Labs is an Industrial Hygiene Firm that provides lab services and surveys for testing of hazardous materials. My role was to facilitate the processing of samples, analysts’ workloads and flow, and curate NVL Labs’ online presence.

• Managed high throughput laboratory to prioritize various analyses for 30 minute expedited results. • Wrote successful proposals for partnerships and contracts with private and public enterprises • Updated NVL’s presence via web development and online marketing on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. • Managed trade shows and events to maintain industry contacts and cultivate new ones throughput King County.