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Alexa Skill: Seattle Draw Bridge

This project was my white whale for the longest while. Being self-taught in programming left me like most curiously, lost, and overconfident in what I can do once the hand holding of rewriting someone else's' code. Of course, I thought then I could ably the same principles of how to learn online to Alexa development with python. After feeling able after more hand-holding with Alexa, I attempted to build this skill with much ill-found persistence. With my will power completely drained, I shelved the project for the next 3 quarters to forcus on my MBA and Data Analytic courses. 

Winter Break and another valiant attempt,  this time running into the issues of not understanding how to transfer data and the interoperability of AWS. Luckily my attempts last time got me Twitter developer access before it became locked as I have an approved token to make requests. That alone made my first attempts worth the month+ of agony. Since it had been a while since I attempted this project I looked at ways to collect the bridge status data and came across SQS and even better there was already a blueprint to fill a form for a twitter data input. After spending the days before Christmas at my FIances parents coding  (well more troubleshooting) instead of socializing, I got the sqs to work but it only gathered data that was hours to days old, which would be fine as a funnel but not an input for a database. 

however now after Django got a lot of files, environments, and packages concepts firmly congealed, I gladly can say I finally have something that I will Market for Seattle.

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